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Tree Surgery Services Colchester | Crown Reduction | Felling

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We offer a full range of professional tree surgery services. Below are some of the services. If you do not see the particular item you are after, please ask as we will be able to provide what you need.

Crown Shaping & Reduction

This is often carried out when a tree has grown such that it encroaching in space it shouldn’t be.

For example; if a tree was located near telecommunications wires and its branches were in danger of touching them, then the upper branches of the tree would be reduced to a more acceptable height and re-shaped in keeping with the look of the tree.

Crown Reduction and Shaping can also be undertaken to minimise stress that may occurring and will reduce a trees water uptake and wind resistance.

We offer a full range of Crown Shaping and Reduction tree services in Colchester and surrounding areas.  Please call for a free no-obligation estimate.

Crown Lifting & Thinning

Crown lifting tends to be required when the lower branches and limbs of a tree are obstructing an area below where they overhang, for example a public footpath or highway. This will allow for the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians alike beneath the tree.

The resulting work will “lift” the overall height of the crown of the tree and when crown thinning is undertaken (the selective removal of branches and stems) it will allow for better circulation of light and air through the tree which in turn creates a better structure and can make life difficult for tree pests.


There are numerous reasons for felling a tree. If it has become infected it would be required in order to conserve others around it that remain healthy, if a tree has become weak and may be a danger to property or people or if it is in an unsuitable area that affects construction plans.

In most areas so as to ensure the safety of all involved, a qualified professional will climb the tree and with control will “dismantle” it from the top a section at a time safely.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Once a tree has been felled it is often the case that the resulting stump can be treated such that re-growth can be prevented. However; in some circumstances it may be necessary for the stump to be completely removed.

For example if it is obstructing a site where a new structure is to be erected like a garage, garden shed, conservatory etc…

In order to achieve this, a stump grinding machine is used to do as its name suggests, grind the stump until all of it including the root system of the tree is destroyed.

Remember we always aim to leave the site neat and tidy taking away any wood waste.

Dead Wooding

Over the years, it will be natural for some branches and limbs of a tree to die. They will no longer produce leaves, fruit or flower and it is important to remove this dead wood in order for the remaining parts of the tree to continue to flourish successfully.


In some circumstances, it is necessary to ensure that a tree maintains a certain height. The practice of pollarding, involves the removal of all the upper branches of a tree with the resulting effect being that a dense head of branches and foliage is created.

Trees that have undergone pollarding tend to live longer as by removing the crown on regular intervals they are kept in a juvenile state as they do not experience having significant weight in their top half.

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

This is usually carried out to maintain their “neatness” not only to conform to a “nice look” as trimming will promote a bushy growth but in some circumstances to help toward health and safety especially if a hedge borders a road or footpath.

Some species will not flower or produce fruit for a number of years after having experienced a hard trim and those that have been kept to the same height for number of years will produce a “hard knuckle” at that height with the result being that it will behave like a tree that has undergone pollarding.


Infected, dead and even healthy branches are removed in order to maintain the health and structure of a tree. They are also removed if the environment and those using it around them could be put in any danger. Pruning when required will encourage a tree to develop a sound structure which will help prevent damage during severe weather conditions

Site Clearance

Although this suggests the removal of any workers, their tools and any debris they have created from having carried out their work, whilst a competent tree surgery company will ensure this, it may be that the resulting debris can be used in other ways.

For example; if a tree has been felled, then it may be that the owner would require the ensuing wood in log form for burning and for some people wood debris is left on-site in order to provide an environment for certain bugs which would further encourage wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs amongst others into the garden.